Sweet Poison

Healthy Childhood

When I was growing up we hardly ate chocolate, lollies, cakes or ice cream. Desserts were mostly kept for the weekend and special occasions.  We ate fruit.

As a teenager I sometimes accompanied my grandmother and her friends on bus tours. My grandmother and my great aunt were not like my parents, they REALLY liked cakes and slices!  On these outings the old people would offer me chocolate and I would refuse.  They would say “She has such strong will-power!”  But I didn’t have will-power I just hadn’t developed a sweet tooth.  

Marriage, Family, Politeness and Declining Health

When first married, I was healthy, so healthy that the specialists marvelled at my astounding energy when I was expecting twins.  (I took the stairs at hospital not the lifts etc.,)

However, I had married into a family that celebrated with food and lots of sweets.  So every Christmas, Easter, Birthday, etc there was an abundance of rich food and especially sweet food that I had no taste for but ate out of politeness.  

Gradually I developed a sweet tooth, I tried not to buy sweets but would go crazy “needing” something sweet to eat, even a teaspoon of sugar or Nutella straight from the jar (yuck).

Anyway my health was declining and my weight kept creeping up. The Doctors weren’t worried but I was.  They told me to eat low fat and I would loose weight – so I did, I ate low fat for years. To this day they tell me “eat low fat and you will loose weight”.  (I roll my eyes mentally).  

Underactive Thyroid or Not

I developed an under-active thyroid when my children were about 6 and 8. The doctor told me that I would have to take Thyroxine for the rest of my life.  

And Now

Well, now I have perpetual tiredness, regular sinus headaches, migraines, allergies, asthma, arthritis in my knees and shoulders, a lot of fluid retention all over my body, that can change radically from day to day.  (One day my rings will be so tight as to feel uncomfortable, and a few days later they will slip off my hand if I am not careful). OH and of course way too much weight.

The Overeating Conundrum

Here is the thing that annoys me.  People assume that when I buy two lunches they are both for me when in fact I am buying them for myself and one or two of my children. (We tend to share meals as they are often too large to eat alone).  I don’t eat a lot – I only look like I do.  In fact my tiny little slim mother has always been able to eat larger meals than me and stay slim.  I don’t snack. I don’t keep fatty snacks in the house.  I have been to over-eaters anonymous with a friend and was amazed by the amount of food some people eat.  I don’t.

I have been keeping a food diary. 

My meals up until now:

Breakfast:  Fruit and weat-bix OR toast and honey; OR muesli with skim milk OR Bircher-muesli.  Tea with skim milk or black.

Morning tea: Coffee with skim milk or perhaps 2 cups of coffee.

Lunch: Sweet Chilli Chicken and Salad Wrap; OR Chicken Salad Sandwich; OR Thai Chilli Basil Chicken; OR Thai Tofu and Vegetable Chilli Basil; OR Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard dressing; OR tuna sushi.

Afternoon: Low Fat or No Fat tub of yoghurt

Dinner: Chicken Salad Wrap; OR Mexican Bean Burrito with salad;  OR chicken soup with bread; OR Spanish omelette; OR stir fry chicken with Hoisin sauce and vegetables with boiled rice;  OR some sort of heated up lean cuisine and I usually don’t eat the rice if it has some.

If I am hungry for something sweet after dinner I might have a banana or a yoghurt but that isn’t every night.

I know my serving sizes and the amount of chicken in each meal is less than 100gms, less than the size of the palm of my hand.

So that is why I am trying something new, a couple of people I know on Facebook have done the “I Quit Sugar” challenge and look fantastic.  I know there are nutritionist out there saying don’t quit sugar your hair will fall out etc., but I am going to be taking “selfies” and writing about how I feel here on my blog-journal.

Also I have been reading and reading AND READING in the weeks leading up to this.. For instance in Sweet Poison* by David Gillespie he mentioned how he experimented on himself limiting sugar to 10gms or less per meal and found that he lost 40kgs and gained lots of energy. WOOT! That’s amazing.  I’d love to gain energy!!!

That’s it for now I’m supposed to be studying. Pre-study studies 😉

*ps I am not getting a commission for mentioning the book, I very much doubt anyone but my family will read my blog and I don’t know how to set up commission things anyway 🙂



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