Brief update on Monday DAY 1!

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Ok, Following the sugar free menu plan wasn’t a problem today although my porridge tasted sour and I am used to natural yoghurt so must be tough for other people.

Today was also my start day for Uni studies. Didn’t know I was supposed to set up microphone, ooh well better luck next lecture.

Oh and I have to write a letter to my family about little annoying things people do, like leave rubbish on the couch, water bottles, subway wrappers etc and way overload the washer and dryer. Because quitting sugar is supposed to/likely to make people irritable and I don’t want to snap one day and yell at people over these things.

That is all – I am tired again. Goodnight.


Weekend and preparing for new start

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It’s been a gorgeous weekend and the last thing I wanted to do is be on the computer. So I’ve been out enjoying the gorgeous warm winter sun.

Tonight I did a lot of my par-cooked vegies for the start of the I Quit Sugar diet and I have some photos of me for a record of how crappy and bloated I look.  All good.  Oh I didn’t do my work on that boring writing for the web subject. 😦 Oh well catch up tomorrow?  Gee Uni starts tomorrow .

Nervous don’t want to think of that right now. Worry about it tomorrow.

So tired, going to watch something and go to sleep. 🙂


Sweet Poison

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Healthy Childhood

When I was growing up we hardly ate chocolate, lollies, cakes or ice cream. Desserts were mostly kept for the weekend and special occasions.  We ate fruit.

As a teenager I sometimes accompanied my grandmother and her friends on bus tours. My grandmother and my great aunt were not like my parents, they REALLY liked cakes and slices!  On these outings the old people would offer me chocolate and I would refuse.  They would say “She has such strong will-power!”  But I didn’t have will-power I just hadn’t developed a sweet tooth.  

Marriage, Family, Politeness and Declining Health

When first married, I was healthy, so healthy that the specialists marvelled at my astounding energy when I was expecting twins.  (I took the stairs at hospital not the lifts etc.,)

However, I had married into a family that celebrated with food and lots of sweets.  So every Christmas, Easter, Birthday, etc there was an abundance of rich food and especially sweet food that I had no taste for but ate out of politeness.  

Gradually I developed a sweet tooth, I tried not to buy sweets but would go crazy “needing” something sweet to eat, even a teaspoon of sugar or Nutella straight from the jar (yuck).

Anyway my health was declining and my weight kept creeping up. The Doctors weren’t worried but I was.  They told me to eat low fat and I would loose weight – so I did, I ate low fat for years. To this day they tell me “eat low fat and you will loose weight”.  (I roll my eyes mentally).  

Underactive Thyroid or Not

I developed an under-active thyroid when my children were about 6 and 8. The doctor told me that I would have to take Thyroxine for the rest of my life.  

And Now

Well, now I have perpetual tiredness, regular sinus headaches, migraines, allergies, asthma, arthritis in my knees and shoulders, a lot of fluid retention all over my body, that can change radically from day to day.  (One day my rings will be so tight as to feel uncomfortable, and a few days later they will slip off my hand if I am not careful). OH and of course way too much weight.

The Overeating Conundrum

Here is the thing that annoys me.  People assume that when I buy two lunches they are both for me when in fact I am buying them for myself and one or two of my children. (We tend to share meals as they are often too large to eat alone).  I don’t eat a lot – I only look like I do.  In fact my tiny little slim mother has always been able to eat larger meals than me and stay slim.  I don’t snack. I don’t keep fatty snacks in the house.  I have been to over-eaters anonymous with a friend and was amazed by the amount of food some people eat.  I don’t.

I have been keeping a food diary. 

My meals up until now:

Breakfast:  Fruit and weat-bix OR toast and honey; OR muesli with skim milk OR Bircher-muesli.  Tea with skim milk or black.

Morning tea: Coffee with skim milk or perhaps 2 cups of coffee.

Lunch: Sweet Chilli Chicken and Salad Wrap; OR Chicken Salad Sandwich; OR Thai Chilli Basil Chicken; OR Thai Tofu and Vegetable Chilli Basil; OR Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard dressing; OR tuna sushi.

Afternoon: Low Fat or No Fat tub of yoghurt

Dinner: Chicken Salad Wrap; OR Mexican Bean Burrito with salad;  OR chicken soup with bread; OR Spanish omelette; OR stir fry chicken with Hoisin sauce and vegetables with boiled rice;  OR some sort of heated up lean cuisine and I usually don’t eat the rice if it has some.

If I am hungry for something sweet after dinner I might have a banana or a yoghurt but that isn’t every night.

I know my serving sizes and the amount of chicken in each meal is less than 100gms, less than the size of the palm of my hand.

So that is why I am trying something new, a couple of people I know on Facebook have done the “I Quit Sugar” challenge and look fantastic.  I know there are nutritionist out there saying don’t quit sugar your hair will fall out etc., but I am going to be taking “selfies” and writing about how I feel here on my blog-journal.

Also I have been reading and reading AND READING in the weeks leading up to this.. For instance in Sweet Poison* by David Gillespie he mentioned how he experimented on himself limiting sugar to 10gms or less per meal and found that he lost 40kgs and gained lots of energy. WOOT! That’s amazing.  I’d love to gain energy!!!

That’s it for now I’m supposed to be studying. Pre-study studies 😉

*ps I am not getting a commission for mentioning the book, I very much doubt anyone but my family will read my blog and I don’t know how to set up commission things anyway 🙂


Nervous, Nervous, Nervous!

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I am almost shaking right now I am so nervous or excited. Nervous and excited.

You see I somehow finally decided to resurrect, reboot, restart my life and it starts Monday! I’m scared! Change is scary!

Brief overview (Hopefully). The four phases of adult me…

1. Super happy, fit, health nut, healthy young mum…

2. Young divorcee with 3 babies to look after, limited income, no job and no prospects. Living off toast and sugar but still quite energetic and healthy somehow…

3. Mum, living in rural NSW, in and out of casual work, tight budget, leaving the nutritious food for kids and still living off a lot of toast and sugar. Not kidding. Constantly exhausted and rapidly gaining weight. Diagnosed with very, but not critically, under-active thyroid. Hypothyroidism.

4. Mum with grown up kids looking at empty nest and becoming crazy cat lady or………….. reboot!!!!

So I chose REBOOT and it starts Monday!!

The Welcome Sign

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There is a welcome sign hanging near my front door. It has a picture of a busy little hummingbird on it. And it is incongruous. For no one except my closest relatives is welcome without notice. I have often dreaded a knock at the front door. I don’t like unexpected visitors and I don’t like door to door canvassers.

This is not because I don’t like people, I do. I like people when I choose to go out and I choose to talk to them. In my own home I choose peace and quiet reflection. I choose my inner world.

I am an Introvert. In fact in Myers Brigg personality type tests I am always classified as INFP.

“INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses” ~~~ Joe Butt

“What is the joke?” a grumpy old co-worker once asked me, causing me to rouse myself from my inner world to the ‘real’ world, I had been smiling because I was happy. To be happy any of the following might have occurred:

    • It was a nice sunny day;
    • I just watched a pretty bird darting about in the bushes;
    • I smelt a rose;
    • Someone smiled at me;
    • I watched a cute dog/cat/horse/any animal at all running happily.

No, I must stop my list of the small things that make me smile or it could run on for pages and pages, but you get the idea.

Joe Butt ( says “INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder”.  I am aware of this, I know that I am a mature woman that has something of the child still in me, there is hardly a day when I don’t stop to watch something that fascinates me but would (I assume) go unnoticed by others.

A few weeks ago it was a bee darting in and out of the purple flowers on our front hedge. Not just any bee this bee was blue! I had never seen or heard of a blue bee in all my x years. It was beautiful, it shimmered in the sunlight and was the colour of the sky, if you could boil the sky down a bit and intensify it’s blueness into a deeper shade.  I stood for quite a while watching this beautiful bee, and then I did what I always do, went inside to look up blue bees on the internet. They are not unknown, they are not that rare. Fancy me of all people never having noticed a blue bee before.

Ever since then I watch out for the blue bee. I have seen one other one but they are not common here.  Anyway I like the regular old bees too; I like their shiny orange-ness and their busy buzz.

There you go, I felt a sense of joy just remembering back to the blue bee, am I a little crazy or what? No, apparently I am exactly as I am supposed to be, psychologically speaking.

I started reading a book yesterday, “The Introvert Advantage – How to Thrive in an Extrovert World” by Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D.  So far I have been saying “yes”, “wow yes, that is so me”.  Someone recommended the book on their blog or rather said something like “suddenly everything made sense”.

Marvel at the Magnificent Marble Caves

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“These amazing marble formations were sculpted by erosion into three main marble formations: La Capilla (the Chapel), El Catedral (the Cathedral), and La Cueva (the Cave). The impressive labyrinth of marble caves are large enough for a small boat to glide into…”

via Marvel at the Magnificent Marble Caves [35 PICS].

You have got to look at these beautiful photos that I stumbled upon, gorgeous!  I want to go there, I want to take a canoe through the caves, run my hands in the pristine blue waters.  Feel the fantastic natural marble structures, (although that’s probably a no, no), and just breath it all in!